Shop Small, Support Local: Subsidies Available in Pleasanton CA

The City of Pleasanton and the Downtown Pleasanton Association have joined forces to launch the Shop Small, Support Local campaign, a campaign that encourages the Pleasanton community to shop, dine and visit places this holiday season. The campaign includes a Promise Pass that offers access to exclusive discounts at nearly 100 businesses in the Tri-Valley, including more than 35 in Pleasanton. To further support local businesses, the city has partnered with Bludot to create an interactive PLEASANTON OPEN FOR BUSINESS advertisement with mapping features. The Shop Small, Support Local campaign is an essential initiative for the Pleasanton community, as it emphasizes the importance of supporting small businesses during this difficult time. With limited capacity restrictions in place, many business sectors are struggling to stay afloat.

This campaign is a great way for local businesses to receive much-needed support from their community. The city of Pleasanton has also implemented several subsidies to help local businesses during this time. These subsidies include grants for small businesses, grants for restaurants and bars, and grants for retail stores. The grants are designed to help businesses cover costs associated with reopening and operating safely during the pandemic. Businesses can also apply for loans through the Small Business Administration (SBA) or other financial institutions. In addition to subsidies and grants, the city of Pleasanton has also implemented several other initiatives to help local businesses.

These initiatives include free marketing resources, such as free advertising on social media platforms and free website design services. The city also offers free business counseling services to help business owners navigate the challenges of operating during the pandemic. The Shop Small, Support Local campaign is an important initiative for the Pleasanton community. By shopping locally and taking advantage of the subsidies and other initiatives offered by the city, residents can help ensure that local businesses remain open and continue to thrive during this difficult time. The City of Pleasanton is committed to helping local businesses succeed during this difficult time. Through its Shop Small, Support Local campaign and other initiatives, it is providing much-needed support to small businesses in the area.

By taking advantage of these subsidies and initiatives, residents can help ensure that their favorite local businesses remain open and continue to thrive.