Supporting Local Businesses in Pleasanton CA: The Power of Collaboration

The Three Valleys Community Foundation (3VCF) has recently launched the Power of Collaboration campaign, a special opportunity for local corporations and businesses to address the critical and unmet needs of the community. This campaign emphasizes the importance of supporting small businesses, especially now that many business sectors are open with limited capacity restrictions. As one of 700 community foundations across the country, 3VCF acts as a philanthropic anchor, connecting generous donors with local nonprofit organizations committed to addressing local problems and serving those who need it most. The To Tri-Valley with Love campaign will offer locals an alternative to traditional donor-advised funding and national endowment services, with a special focus on granting grants and helping donors find causes worthy of support.

This campaign is an excellent opportunity for local businesses to recover after restrictions imposed by COVID-19. Are you looking for ways to support local businesses in Pleasanton CA? The Power of Collaboration campaign is a great place to start. This Saturday, you can help support small businesses by purchasing a Pleasanton gift card. This is an easy way to show your support for local businesses and help them get back on their feet. The Three Valleys Community Foundation is devoted to aiding local businesses in Pleasanton CA recover from the effects of COVID-19. By participating in the Power of Collaboration campaign, you can make a difference in your community and help ensure that local businesses have the resources they need to thrive.